by Mitts

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released March 24, 2012

Vox/Guitar: Jack McKool
Vox/Keys: Jack Swart
Bass: Doug Barber
Vox/Guitar: Alex Khunprachansri
Drums: Brittian Piper

Recordings by Jack McKool, Doug Barber, Jack Swart

Additional vocals by Ryan Mortensen



all rights reserved


Mitts Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Eyedeas
Well, Stephen sucked my eyes out with a vacuum cleaner,
So I replaced them with lightbulbs
Now everyone says
Hey man, what's the big eye-dea?

I'm up on the rooftop
I'm rocking altitude

What's with all this walk-don't-walk
They should just build underground tunnels for the mole people
And zip-lines for people who wish that they could fly!

I'm not one for scandal,
But I can raise an eyebrow
I've seen my share of horror
I'm looking like a window

Well, a giant meatball the size of Texas
Came down from outer-space!
And I ate the whole thing
Now everyone says
Hey man, you're a fine piece of mass

I'm a man of my word
But words ain't worth my spit
So I'm tearing out my tongue
Saying "Get a load of this!"
Track Name: Time GOD
Oh god of time, I challenge you!

It's hopeless! Holy shit, my thumbs are broken!

Fix me! Fix me! Fix me!
Don't be so dramatic.

Well, now I'm with my homies!
We're doing silly walks down the avenue.

I'm A-okay!
I'll B alright!
I'll C you later!
Track Name: Hercules
Would you please,
Share your gift with all mankind?

Miles high, in the sky!
But he's just another friendly guy...

Laaaaaa laaaaaaaa, la la la la la, la la la la la

Would you please
Let us all hang out with you?

Father Zeus!
You're tooth is loose!
Lightning bolts, lightning bolts, lightning bolts
Track Name: Bicket Face
Well, I met Toby Keith on a Tuesday
He was weaving psychadelic tales with the kids on fire
They were just standing around
Talking about how big each others' dicks were
It was all criminal
So I drilled a hole in his head
And a whole 'nother universe tumbled out
It was crazy!

Hanging out on Tuesday, got a Bicket Face
Smile growing toothy, got a cavernous space
Where your brain should be
Bicket Face

Bicket Face
Bicket Face
Bicket Face
He's got a-
Track Name: Animals!

(It's incredibly instinctual!)

(Super-duper eco-system imbalance!)

Track Name: Tube Man
He is the Tube Man!
He's got tubes for hands
He's got tubes for everything!

He's gonna save the world with his master tube plan!

Carbon Fiber!
Spider swing into an alternate dimension where
John Crichton's caught in a wormhole!
Do a barrel roll!
He knows all about the intricacies of time displacement
He's got a rabbit face
Korbin Dallas!
He's the Tube Man!
Track Name: Girl Poops (Yeah Right)
Girl Poops,
Yeah Right!
Track Name: Lizard Hips
Wake up
You're eyes are shut
Clean up
Your eye crust
Take your coffee and your DayQuil
Wake up, it's time to go wake up sax

Wake up, let's go!

Go to the market
To buy some eggs
Pick up the bacon
We'll get some butter for our toast
Clear out the fridge
Of empty cans of beer
Do you remember what you did?
You had the best night ever!

Wake up
You're eyes are shut
Clean up
Your eye crust
Take your coffee and your DayQuil
Wake up, it's time to go wake up sax

Wake up, let's go!
Track Name: Sip Hippie Happy
Well, I've been sippy hippie happy way out loud!
Feelin' extra cool

Tell me, where da ladies at?
Beggin' your pardon, I'd like to share a moment,
If you know what I'm sayin'

Sip Hippie Happy!

Este momento!
Estoy llevando!
Una piensa!
En mi cabeza!
Track Name: A-OK
I'm A-Okay
I'll B alright
I'll C you later
Track Name: Space Cadet
Oh, Space Cadet!
Big Star Dreamin'!

Oh, Space Cadet!
Big Star Dreamin'!

Moon Saloon! Space Cantina!

You should meet my friends,
There' just dyno-mite!
Oh, what a blast!
To the moon! In a space balloon!
So look out god, we're coming fast!

I'm a member of an inter-galatic super-hero B-team!
Get out of my thoughts you psychic cosmonaut
I won't do nothing unless I want to!

Oh, Space Cadet!
Big Star Dreamin'!

Two -bit,
Gonna be adventurous!
Big Star Dreamin'!

Moon Saloon! Space Cantina!