Eyedeas EP

by Mitts

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released July 2, 2011



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Mitts Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Eyedeas
Stephen sucked my eyes out
with a vacuum cleaner
but I replaced them with light bulbs
Now everyone says
"Hey Jack, what's the big EYEDEA?"

I'm up on the rooftop,
I''m rocking altitude!

What's with all this "walk, don't walk"?
They should just build
underground tunnels for the mole people
and zip-lines for people
who wish that they could fly

I'm not one for scandal,
but I can raise an eyebrow
I've seen my share of horror
I'm looking like a window

Well, a giant meatball the size of Texas
came down from outer space
and I ate the whole thing!
Now everybody says,
"Jack, you're a fine piece of mass!"

I'm a man of my word,
but words ain't worth my spit
so I'm tearing out my tongue
Get a load of this!
Track Name: Tube Man
He is the Tube Man
He's got tubes for hands
He's got tubes for everything!

He's gonna save the world with his master tube plan!
Track Name: Bicket Face
Well, I met Toby Keith on a Tuesday
He was weaving psychadelic tales with the kids on fire
They were just standing around
Talking about how big each others' dicks were
It was all criminal
So I drilled a hole in his head
And a whole 'nother universe tumbled out
It was crazy!

Hanging out on Tuesday, got a Bicket Face
Smile growing toothy, got a cavernous space
Where your brain should be
Bicket Face

Bicket Face
Bicket Face
Bicket Face
He's got a-